Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How we collect-What's your story?

I feel like we're the minority in the industry, we keep some base cards. The more I interact with people within the industry, it seems the process of keeping base cards in binders is becoming extinct. So I'm wondering, what is everyone's process of collecting cards?

Our process is relatively simple:

We buy only cases or singles (more the former than the latter). The reason for this is simple, the general thought when buying a case is you're guaranteeing yourself a nice hit out of that product. Obviously the price point of the case generally dictates the size of the hit.

We mainly buy set based cases (Topps, Gypsy Queen, Archives, A&G, Topps Chrome, etc). If we buy a case that doesn't have a base set (Tier One, Five Star, etc), we'll open with a set based product so the break isn't so short.

From the case breaks we'll automatically keep the following: One base card or any player we collect in our binders. We generally keep HOF players, star players we think have a chance at that level, and some local guys. We'll also keep any parallels of that player, unless we deem the value too much to turn down. We keep any autographs and jerseys of said players in which we collect, only exception being if the value is just too much (ie: A 1/1 auto, would probably sell and buy a base auto of same brand).

After we keep these items we'll put together sets, parallels, GU, and autograph's to sell on eBay to recoup some $ for the next purchase.

Everyone who opens wax is in the hobby for different reasons. I'm curious to hear other people's processes. See everyone at National on Sunday!

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