Saturday, November 17, 2012

1 Case Archives, 1 Box 5 Star, 4 Heritage High Number Sets....

We definitely wanted to open some 5 star, but like to open something with volume when breaking high end products. Archives had treated us very nicely when it was released, so we decided on that it its current price point. The Heritage sets happened to come in on the same day, so it made for a nice break.

We'll start with the Heritage sets. Obviously we were hoping for a better autograph out of the group, but the main thing we wanted was the Harper base. From a value standpoint I was able to sell 3 sets presale for $85, and will keep one for myself along with the Harper. The autographs are bringing some nice value, so I really enjoyed these, wish I bought more.

Next, we'll look at the Archives case. Our first case of this product this year we hit a toploader, about 5 autographs we kept in our collection, Harper SP, and a Darvish autograph. We weren't as lucky this time, but got a master set, 6 base sets, and some cool autographs of people we liked growing up. The base cards in this product are really cool, so for the current price not too bad. Of this we'll keep the Howard, Bautista plate, and maybe some others.

Last on the list is 5 star baseball. While we're most likely finished with the top two products, we'll definitely be getting more of this. Believe it or not, this is the first Chipper Jones autograph we've hit, so that's definitely staying with us. We'll also keep the HOFer Al Kaline, and possibly the David Wright. The others are sure to hit eBay. 

As always we appreciate the look, and will post more breaks when we have them!