Sunday, September 23, 2012

3 Box Birthday Break....

Today is my brother Greg's birthday, and Friday was mine. So we decided to open a couple of random boxes in between our case schedule. We decided on Finest '12, Topps Chrome '10, and Prime Cuts '11.

We'll lead off with the Topps Chrome 10'. Not the greatest, but a fun break. The Ellsbury looks really cool in person, and it was nice to get another Strasburg base.

Next was the box of 12' Finest. We really did well with this one. The Moore looks great in person, and we'll hold onto the Bauer at least until he is a consistent big leaguer next year.

Finally was a box of '11 Prime Cuts. This box was tailor made for us. Frank Thomas was our favorite player growing up, and Enos "Country" Slaughter is from our hometown. We had the pleasure of meeting/speaking with him multiple times. No one on earth was more familar with his stats than he was, and he had stories for days about his playing career including the famous "mad dash". 

Overall we were very pleased, as always thanks for the look.

We'll be breaking a case of update and most likely finest in a couple of weeks.