Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Box Breaks from '12 National...

Decided to break some '12 Topps Mini boxes, as well as 3 boxes of Tier 1.

The Mini Boxes were a fun break. I wasn't expecting much out of $50 boxes, and we were happy we got 3 printing plates, even if they weren't of the best players. Our #/61 parallels we also not the greatest players, but they come at 5 per box. (A little eBay plug: http://www.ebay.com/itm/170891829946?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649#ht_2406wt_131). We got 1 Harper mini, and also got 2 promotional sets. Although I know the odds weren't with me to get an auto, we were disappointed we didn't get one. This is something we may purchase in the future depending on the price point.

All of the cards are on eBay with the exception of the Harper, my eBay name is raines27.

Tier 1 treated us well earlier this year with our May RC Reprint Auto hit, however, these 3 boxes were a different story. The best card was probably the Heisey patch auto, so that shows you how brutal these boxes were. The only card we're keeping is the Zimmermann auto, the rest are on eBay.

As we've documented we like to keep our big hits, and the hometown guys. So out of the last case('12 A&G) and 7 boxes we've kept 3 Harper's (not including promo sets), 1 Zimmermann, 1 Mike Morse relic, and a Roger Federer relic. We've been running on a definite cold streak.

I did have one more goal in mind at the National, and I found a good deal for it. Pardon the scratch on the case, it's a beautiful card. I went to the BGS booth on Sunday, but they wouldn't rush grading it. 

Our next break will be '12 Topps Chrome case, and a case of a favorite product of ours from the '08 year, any guesses? I'll be sure to let everyone know before in case they need something for a set.


  1. SWEEETTT Pickup!!! I kept hearing on the radio all year how this guys was the best player in baseball ... I can see why. He might be the next generations superstar.

  2. Very pumped about the Trout! Thanks to Matt we'll be cracking a favorite from '08 shortly along with '12 Topps Chrome. Thanks for the comments guys!