Monday, August 27, 2012

2012 Topps Chrome Case Break

Broke this case a little later than I wanted since I was off on vacation. Hit the following cards, along with a refractor hot box. We got a TON of refractors for our binders, and we'll be posting the ones we didn't want tonight on Ebay, 150+ refractors.

The Gio is an atomic/10, nice addition to the Nats PC. The Moore was the only variation we got, not sure of its rarity. The two red refractors, Cueto, and Moore will be on Ebay tonight. All autos below other than the Moore, Cozart, and Mauer will be on Ebay tonight. The Mauer is #/10.

Overall we were happy with the break. We got a lot of nice refractors for our binders, and we hit 3 really nice cards. It's a good looking product, but 1 case is probably enough for us. We got all the base cards we'll want, and there's a few other products on the horizon that we'll be in line for.

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