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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Examining the '12 Bowman Platinum Checklist: Buy?

2012 Bowman Platinum has one serious hurdle in its way, 2011 Bowman Platinum. Last year's product was so bad that I think it turned a lot of collectors away for this year. It was my thought that the checklist for this year's version would be rather strong.

However, when taking a close look at this year's checklist I can say with certainty that the only Bowman Platinum we buy this year will be at the NSCC to receive the #/499 blue foil set.

Of the approximate 35 prospect autographs, over half will be $5 or less autos once the initial eBay craze wears off. The autograph relic checklist looks pretty strong, but they seem to all be sticker autographs and +more+ is currently listed. The fact that +more+ is listed and not an actual number of additional signers makes me very weary. Bowman is continuing to roll out the Bowman Black autographs in which are #/25, however, this crop of signers is significantly weaker than previous products.

On a plus side the autograph patch relics look good, and I imagine they would sell well. I also like the die-cut autographs that are #/25, but once again I wish they were on-card autographs. If you were buying a case you'll need to hit one of these along with one of the "chase" cards to recoup your money spent.

The # of chase cards in this product seems to be relatively low versus assumed production levels. The 1/1 purely platinum autographs look awesome, and will command a huge # on the open market. However, only 35 of these will be in the product making the odds astronomical. The Bryce Harper "Mondo" bat card in which has been publicized since Platinum's sell sheets came out earlier this year will bring a ton of $. I just can't imagine collectors opening the product in search of that when it's just one card.

The one "chase" card in which I think looks really good, and in which you have a reasonable chance of hitting is the jumbo patch card. These patch cards are #/5, and seem like they'll have really large patches, with multi colors. Both of which are a really big deal to those folks that love patches on eBay.

This is one product that we'll stay away from. This product doesn't mesh with what we like to collect, and we wouldn't be able to recoup any value through selling sets. I'm sure people will buy some player lots, but I doubt they command much. Overall, if you're interested in prospect autograph's, why not just buy regular Bowman?

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